A Public, Personal Blog

I’ve been blogging in various places on various topics for years now, but this seemed like a good time to bring it all to a central location.

My other blogs have always been themed (theology, politics, Barth/Bonhoeffer), and there is always overlap between subjects, leaving me with the constant question of which blog would be best suited to a particular post. I’m also frequently interested in ideas that don’t fit any of my themed blogs.

And finally, I thought it was time to show my face on my blog, something I’ve shied away from in the past. I want to make it clear that my thoughts here are my own: they are not anonymous, and they also do not represent any other person or organization (unless explicitly attributed).

One thing I intend to write about regularly is international affairs from a Green perspective, as an outlet for my position as International Affairs Critic in the Green Party of Canada. I’ll be gathering up stories of the week from around the world, and commenting on them in light of Green Party policies and positions. These will be my own interpretations of policies and events, not official party statements.

I also intend to talk about the subtleties of politics in a globalized, post-secular world, sometimes in relation to policy, history, culture, or theology.

If you have a question that drives you or an idea for a topic to explore, send me a message on the Contact page! I’d love to hear from you.


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