On Glocalism

2016 will be marked as the year that globalization slipped. It isn't dead by any means, and this may only be a blip, but it certainly took some serious steps backwards last year. Globalization is the combination of a whole bunch of factors that lead to increased flows of goods, resources, people, and ideas around … Continue reading On Glocalism

When and How to Intervene?

The news this past week from Aleppo is overwhelming, with accounts like this one being almost too difficult to read/watch. The city has been in a constant state of conflict for years, with the horror escalating the more foreign parties intervene. Russia, which is an ally of the ruling Assad regime of Syria, supposedly controls … Continue reading When and How to Intervene?

Federalism, Regionalism, Globalism

Federalism has always been a struggle in Canada. Our constitution gives power primarily to the federal government, and we recognize the benefits of a strong shared government to unify us, but it can be difficult for people in, say, Vancouver to identify closely with people in rural Newfoundland. The sheer breadth of our country lends … Continue reading Federalism, Regionalism, Globalism

News Roundup – War, Peace, and Oil

In the news this week: War North Korea The United Nations Security Council has imposed new trade sanctions on North Korea after the rogue nation performed another nuclear weapons test. These types of sanctions are themselves problematic, but there doesn't seem to be a better option at the moment. Let's unpack it. First, the United … Continue reading News Roundup – War, Peace, and Oil

On Post-Truth

I've been hearing a lot lately about "post-truth". Oxford English Dictionary named it word of the year, after it saw a 2000% uptick in its use in the aftermath of both Brexit and the American election of Donald Trump. The official Oxford definition of "post-truth" is: relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts … Continue reading On Post-Truth

Global Deconstruction

The world is falling apart. Sort of. The world as we know it is one that consists of vast systems of interrelationships between nations, corporations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), supra-governmental structures (e.g., the UN, ICC, EU, NATO, IMF, WTO, trade agreements like NAFTA and TPP, and other acronyms of note), and individuals connected through identity (race, … Continue reading Global Deconstruction

Canada’s Role in a New World

Last night's surprise results in the American election have left many (even most) people stunned, but now is not the time to stand still with our mouths hanging open. Canada needs to be ready to respond to the changes Mr. Trump promises to deliver, and take on new roles in the international community. I'd like … Continue reading Canada’s Role in a New World

Official Vigilantism in the Philippines

The classic Mel Brooks comedy Blazing Saddles was on television the other night. Toward the end of the film, the villain Hedley Lamarr rounds up every criminal in the West to overrun the town of Rock Ridge and make way for his railway: “I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, … Continue reading Official Vigilantism in the Philippines